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AnThaiGroup was established in 1992, more than 25 years of construction and development, An Thai has become a leading corporation in the field of production, distribution and export of coffee. By experience and continuous efforts, An Thai is proud to be one of the multi-business corporation which has many competitive advantages in the production and processing field of coffee. We always earn a lot of certifications and awards from reputable organizations as well as the trust from our partners in Vietnam and many parts of the world.


Green Beans Green Beans
Roasting and Grinding Roasting and Grinding
Extraction Extraction
Evaporator Evaporator
Spray Driying Spray Driying
Freeze Driying Freeze Driying
Aroma Recovery Aroma Recovery
Instant Coffee Instant Coffee
Instant Coffee Mix Instant Coffee Mix
Soft drinks Soft drinks
Confectionery Confectionery
Canned and <br>Bottled coffee Canned and
Bottled coffee
Cosmetics <br> Medicine Cosmetics
AnThai Vietnam applies modern machineries technology of Europe and experts with over 20 years of experience. With a closed production processing  according to international standards, every products are processed from 100% pure Coffee Beans without any flavorings or preservatives. We proudly bringing a truly authentic Coffee products, the value of the inherent Coffee from Viet Nam always.


One of our best selling  products, An Thai Vietnam Instant Coffee materials used in  Instant Coffee Premixes (2in1, 3in1, 4in1 and etc...); food and beverages ingredients such as coffee-flavored candies, coffee-flavored cakes/bakeries/pastries, coffee-flavored ice-creams/yogurts, canned and bottled coffee beverages and etc...; Even used as raw materials for the production of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals applications and etc...; As an input materials to every producers that using in their products.

Instant Coffee Mix
The Products of AN THÁI GROUP
On the World

All over
8,000 Instant Coffee: Tons / year
2,000 Extract Coffee: Tons / year


  • With over 25 years’experience in  manufacturing and producing quality Coffee products
  • Using the modern European processing technology and applications
  • Thousands of people are consuming and producing from our products every day
  • Global Food Safety standards, regulations recognized such as FDA, HALAL-JAKIM, ISO-HACCP, KOSHER and SNI certified


Brand AnTháiCafé
Anthaicafe is not only just coffee but also a Viet Nam culture imprint
AnThai Vietnam
A specialized well-known brand for the coffee products industrials. Our strength are in supplying Instant Coffee materials for food, beverages, cosmetic chemicals manufacturers, producers and users. AnThái Vietnam has affirmed the trust of millions of customers in more than 30 countries all...
Hiup Coffee
Hiup Coffee was born as a step to confirm the position of a unique coffee product with "Flavors from Nature".
Dance Coffee
Inspired by the legendary emotional dance ... Dance Coffee is not only just enjoying coffee but also the rise of burning passion. Dance Coffee will bring you closer to art
Is a pioneer brand in the application of science and biotechnology in production. Anmix always leads quality products that contribute to enhancing the value of agricultural products for farmers.
An Phu Organic brand
An Phu Organic brand
In the immense highlands, there is a place where gathers coffee lovers, children of art, the color of hundreds of people mingles with flowers and...
They are tools to hold and contain life, and do not change the quality of our lives. Sometimes, because we keep concentrating on the cups, ignoring...
“It’s amazing how the world begins to change through the eyes of a cup of coffee.”
Explain the difference between spray-dried and freeze-dried coffee. Which product is suitable for the needs and production purposes of the business?
There are several differences between ground and instant coffee, but the most important is that instant coffee has already been brewed and...
Is instant coffee good? Instant coffee is one of the products with a large amount of consumption in the market, meets the following criteria: a...


Jack Allisey - Australian coffee Expert
Vietnamese coffee is delicious. We hope to find a suitable source as well as a country to import quality coffee from ANTHAI VIETNAM.

Jack Allisey - Australian coffee Expert

Liang Xiong: Chinese Food Expert
As a food producer, we truly understand our customer’s demands. Cooperating with Anthai Vietnam, we always have the solution to develop the products consistent with our business philosophy, thank you for Anthai Vietnam.

Liang Xiong: Chinese Food Expert