Day post: 12-04-2017


More than 10 years of strong development in the domestic and international market, along with the development of the "Wave" of coffee - the desire to reach the highest form of cuisine and appreciate the sophistication of natural flavor. An Thai Investment and Development Joint Stock Company continues the mission of operation and creative spirit - HiupCoffee brand was born as a step to affirm the position of the unique coffee line with bold "Flavor from nature"...
Hiup Coffee brand is constituted by the unique combination of Highland + Up, instead of inviting you to come to the marvelous Highlands, rich in legend and the heritage of the great Central Highlands.
An Thai contributes to the formation of the "Fourth Wave" of coffee - emphasizing the building of a sustainable relationship and transparency of customary between farmers, processing companies and mixing experts, retailers and consumers through coffee communication and dissemination.
HiupCoffee brand product lines - a combination of quality coffee beans, wet processing, ensuring sustainability and advanced Swiss roasting technology for coffee products having pure natural flavor. Taking the enjoyment value as a foundation, spreading the passion to coffee drinkers, thereby developing a Hiup Coffee brand globally.
Coffee roaster machine is considered  like "Heart and soul" in the processing line of ground coffee. With Swiss roasting technology, the process of creating the flavor of coffee is fully controlled and ensures the uniformity of the quality of coffee through each batch of roasting.
Hiup Coffee brand product lines
Every step of the production process is strictly controlled by a clean and closed wet  process. according to ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 22000: 2005 and HACCP Processing system; HALAL, SNI, IKOSHER , BRC, Vietnam Trust Food Certificates… Input materials are carefully selected with Buon Ma Thuot geographical indication . Robusta and Arabica coffee beans are purchased from reputable coffee regions in the country. Besides, the company also imports quality materials from Ethiopia, Colombia, Brazil ...
New solution to create coffee flavor: 
Our products are highly appreciated for diversifying models and suitable to customers' trend. Hiup Coffee is the international coffee quality but still save the typical flavor of Vietnam. Products are well accepted by domestic consumers and exported to many countries around the world, it also conquers many markets such as Russia, Korea, Japan, Singapore… With the desire to create opportunities for customers to exchange, enjoy and talk about coffee, our company established "Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Control Center - Showroom Coffee"
Although it is newly established, the center has actually become a meeting place for coffee “enthusiasts”

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