Ground Coffee or Instant Coffee, which you prefer?

Day post: 21-05-2021
 There are several differences between ground and instant coffee, but the most important is that instant coffee has already been brewed and dehydrated. Their main difference lies in what they are made of. In essence both instant coffee and ground coffee are coffee. Debate on ground coffee and instant soluble coffee was diversified due to differences in preference, although coffee was widely popular in the market. The trend of praising and promoting regular ground coffee is mostly from customers at coffee shops or take away. On the other hand, most instant coffee lovers are often office workers, convenient, accessible, easy to use at home or travelling. This makes these two types of coffee different from each other, let's find out with An Thai and see which suits your taste.

Ground Coffee: Looking for identification of Ground Coffee

Ground Coffee is a kind of coffee formed through processing roasting methods, alters the physicochemical properties of coffee beans into the coffee roasting, and typically is milled out to serve service. Ground coffee often has a higher caffeine content than instant coffee. Ground coffee is a bunch of coffee beans that have been ground to a specific size. Coffee grounds are made of a large amount of fibers, which do not dissolve in water.
An Thai Vietnam is using a modern technology Buhler's roasters from Switzerland which has the task of the roasting standard: coffee beans on brown pretty miraculous, heat spread evenly onto a copper most, maximizing volume, grain or enlarged, how to retain the delicious taste of coffee. We uses different grind sizes for different coffee makers. Depending on the types of coffee and preferences. Brewed coffee grinding machines should have a higher fineness coffee grinder. They’re then ground to a specific size, according to what requires it to be. If too finely ground coffee and smooth when mixing, dough portion will follow more of water mixed into the cup, causing organoleptic, not good for users.
In the market, there are two styles of ground coffee: pure ground coffee and traditional ground coffee. Pure ground coffee roasted coffee also called rustic, known simply as the coffee is roasted and milled from 100% of the particles that are not mixed with other components such as roasted beans, popcorn, or other byproducts soaked. Coffee roasters traditionally more components mix butter, wine, salt in the roasting process to increase the flavor, light matches, true taste of traditional coffee. Ground coffee has much more flavor and  will give you a broader aroma, with more depth.

Instant Coffee: Crystallized from modern technology

Instant Coffee is made of ground coffee which was already brewed. Instant coffee (soluble coffee) is easily dissolved in water in a short time and quickly. Many people are confused or instant coffee with soluble coffee consumers in the market such as coffee 2in1, 3in1, 4in1 and etc. Instant coffee has its own advantages, does to commodity and price since it’s always cheaper than ground coffee.
Because of the physical and chemical characteristics of coffee during roasting and extraction, An Thai Vietnam instant coffee guarantees 100% pure, not mixed with other powdered ingredients and additives.
 A instant coffee new trend of dynamic young people
A instant coffee new trend of dynamic young people!
The process of creating instant coffee is carried out according to modern production lines, advanced European technology according to 6 main stages: Roasting -> Extraction -> Concentration -> Spray Drying or Cold (Freeze) Drying -> Recovery Incense -> Storage. Besides, An Thai Vietnam improve supplemented stage centrifugal separation cleaning impurities in production; improve product quality in the production of soluble coffee starch. Simultaneously separating glutamic acid, substances and harmful microorganisms present in coffee beans. The most common process is to spray the brewed coffee inside a large tower, in which warm air is circulated. This dries the coffee particles, and they gather at the bottom of the tower. They’re moistened and tumbled in a drum, clump together to form the granules we all know and recognize as instant coffee.
Three lines of instant coffee on the market include Spray-Dried Instant Coffee (commonly used, easily accessible to customers because of its lower price), Freeze-Dried Instant Coffee (premium product, high-quality technology). More modern production technology, better optimization, so the price is higher than spray drying) and Agglomerated Instant Coffee (less popular).

Comparing the difference between Ground Coffee and Instant Coffee

  Ground Coffee Instant Coffee
Shape From beans into powder, depending on how the filter or the machine adjustment to the fineness Fine powder, easily soluble in water
  • Pure roasted coffee: 100% from roasted coffee beans
  • Traditional roasted and ground coffee: coffee beans can be mixed with butter, salt, and alcohol
100% coffee, but the Product Code is proportional mix differences between Arabica and Robusta beans
How to dispense
  • More complex and requires more skill
  • There are a variety of preparation equipment such as coffee makers, aluminum or stainless steel filters, paper filters, cloth racks, siphon dispensers, etc. (note: traditional impregnated coffee is only mixed with filters or racks, not for brewing with a paper filter (paper filters uses high-quality pure coffee) and coffee brewing equipments (better and more durable).
  • Simple and requires less skill preparation
  • No need for much-dispensing equipment, just dissolve in hot water.
Dispensing time) Slower Faster
Hương vị (Flavors)
  • Bringing out the sweet aroma, slightly bitter taste, exquisite natural roasted coffee.
  • Adding sugar, fresh milk, condensed milk, salt, cinnamon, cocoa powder and etc., depending on the type of drink you want to enjoy.
  • The coffee flavor is kept completely, but not as close to the natural flavor of the beans as roasted coffee (due to the process of processing into instant coffee)
  • Either choose the flavor you prefer (black coffee, 3in1 with milk, latte, caramel, cappuccino, durian, chocolate flavors and etc), Today manufacturers have added ingredients such as sugar, creamer powder and more other flavors as well.
Price Higher Lesser
 Caffeine contents Higher Lower
 Storage Shorter time Longer time
Table 1: Comparing the differences between ground coffee and instant coffee

Ground Coffee or Instant Coffee, which you prefer?

Ground Coffee or Instant Coffee, which you prefer
In An Thai Vietnam, either instant coffee or ground coffee , the similarities do not change. The coffee are delicious, clean and safe, to achieve the production standards and exports.
With the differences in products and how to enjoy the roasted ground coffee and instant coffee above, you will have more information to select the ‘preferrences’ for your cuppa of coffee.
If you like to feel the rusticity of coffee beans, enjoy the feeling of hand-crafted a cup of coffee full of art, full of delicious flavors, leisurely sip each sip, you can choose roasted coffee. In An Thai, Vietnam - there are both traditional and pure varieties available.
While a cup of delicious coffee, the round taste is a more reasonable option if you frequently busy, want the convenience quickly, without much preparation time.
What ‘preferrences’ do you choose today, ground coffee or instant coffee?
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