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Have you ever wondered where the 2 in 1, 3 in 1 or 4 in 1 instant coffee mix sticks that you use every day come from? They have ingredients from pure instant coffee powder, processed from modern machinery technology to produce high-quality finished products, preserving the taste of coffee. Go back a few decades, discover the birth of instant coffee and the countless interesting stories surrounding it!

The first milestone of instant coffee in history

Legend has it that coffee was first discovered by goats in Ethiopia, after the legend that people started using coffee from the 13th century. Coffee trees were replicated and developed into many new lands. In many ways, the coffee wave has spread everywhere, becoming a favorite drink that can be a luxury for some countries.
The history of Instant Coffee
The history of Instant Coffee - Getty Images
In 1771: Based on creativity, people started the idea of ​​creating a new type of coffee – later known as instant coffee. According to Mark Pendergast in The Oxford Companion to American Food and Drink, the first “instant coffee” was made in England in 1771. It was called a “coffee compound” and had a patent granted by the British government.
In 1901: By 1901, the first successful method of making a stable instant coffee powder was invented by a Japanese-American chemist named Satori Kato, working in Chicago. He was granted a patent on August 11, 1903, firing the first shot at the existence of this convenient coffee. However, the first person credited with bringing instant coffee to mass production was George Washington.
In 1950: The golden age of instant coffee, quickly becoming one of the most popular types of coffee.
In1960: A new discovery better for soluble coffee, using a process of accumulation, involving links to their smooth coffee powder stick together into small cubes. Unfortunately, with 2 cycles of heating and drying, some of the flavor of the coffee has been lost (spray drying method). As this method improved, freeze drying (cold, drying method) became the best method of instant coffee manufacturers to this day.
Until 2013, China - the country of tea drinkers (coffee drinking rate used to be 2 cups/person/year) is the world's largest instant coffee consumption market.

Interesting things you may not know about instant coffee

  • Present in black and white photos

Instant coffee is not only a delicious beverage that is widely used around the world, or used as an ingredient in the food, beverage, chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical industries, etc. It is also a main ingredient in Caffenol- C, a homemade growing liquid for black and white photographs.
  • Coffee without caffeine

About 8 ounces of coffee contains 27-173mg of caffeine (usually 65-90mg), and for instant coffee, Decaf usually contains 2-12mg of caffeine.
- Decaf, instant coffee is a coffee line that has at least 97% of its caffeine removed, the bitterness is slightly reduced and is usually lighter in color.
- Caffeine extracted from Decaf coffee is sold to soft drink manufacturers.
This is the perfect choice for coffee lovers, but afraid of the effects of caffeine.
  • Instant coffee: 100% pure coffee, different from many people who think of mixing other beans.

  • The higher the caffeine content of instant coffee, the lighter the roasting step.
  • An Thai Viet Nam – Talking numbers
- In 1996, An Thai Group was officially established, with a factory using modern European machinery and advanced production processes, initially bringing Vietnamese instant coffee to the market. , then developed more than 40 countries around the world such as: USA, Japan, Russia, China, Korea, Malaysia, India, ...
- An Thai Group is also one of the first three enterprises in Vietnam to produce instant coffee.
- Continuously in the top 3 reputable brands providing solutions to create coffee for businesses.
- Being the first manufacturer pioneering in building a brand of export coffee in Vietnam.
An Thai Viet Nam: interesting talking numbers - from the very start to reach the wor
An Thai Viet Nam: interesting talking numbers - from the very start to reach the world
Experiencing the continuous change of time, with better and better research and development, today instant coffee is still widely used with 2 main types: spray-dried instant coffee and freeze-dried instant coffee. The world still remembers the origin - the people who discovered and fired the first shot for the prosperity of the instant coffee wave,

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