Spray-dried and freeze-dried instant coffee, where's the difference?

Day post: 26-05-2021
Freeze drying and spray drying, both method of this coffee processing to dry coffee liquid after it has been concentrated in the instant coffee production process. Hopefully this article will explain to you the basic differences surrounding the two drying methods above.

Why it is necessary to “clearly delimit” spray dried and freeze dried methods?

You are a consumer, an investor or a producer, although you are who, also has the same goal of learning about instant coffee. Questions that need to be answered:
• I want to find the best instant coffee, which one should I use?
• Reasonable price is my first interest, which types I should choose that is both affordable and meets production standards?
• Why is there a price difference between this two types?
• A trust and quality instant coffee supplier in Vietnam?
 Why it is need to distinguish between spray-dried and freeze-dried coffee?
Why it is need to distinguish between spray-dried and freeze-dried coffee? - Benefits bring...
Purpose: The purpose of Drying is to bring the concentrate coffee into dry powder to facilitate of storage and use. Drying technique when applied will create a product with shelf life is durability by reducing moisture in the product. In An Thai, An Thai Vietnam's instant coffee products use modern European technology, so the drying process can be completed faster, more efficiently and in strictly accordance with safety food and hygiene meet with export standard compared to the old process technology.
The application of two methods of spray -dried and freeze dried in the coffee industry also brings to many benefits that other preservation methods can't bring: sensory of product shape, color, aroma quality,100% natural coffee ingredients, price, solubility, caffeine content, moisture, pH, density, etc. Thus, you can easily distinguish and find out products with characteristics and different properties.

Spray-dried and freeze-dried instant coffee, where's the difference?

Let's explore the difference between spray-dried and freeze-dried instant coffee
Let's explore the difference between spray-dried and freeze-dried instant coffee
The quality of instant coffee can only be guaranteed when the coffee is carefully packed, free from liquid, steam, air, avoid direct sunlight, etc. (under good storage conditions). Not to mention agglomerated instant coffee because it is not popular, let's see the comparison table of the two popular drying methods today:
  Spray dried instant coffee Freeze-dried instant coffee
Working Principle The spray drying method is to quickly dry the coffee liquid at high temperature, make a fine powder with the advantage of easily soluble in cold water.
In this method, the concentrated coffee is pushed into the top of the cyclone spray tower, hot dry air is blown into the chamber, the hot air circulation separates the water, drying the coffee into fine powder.
The advanced freeze-drying method saves all the highest standards of coffee quality.
Concentrated coffee will be cooled rapidly at temperatures -50°C to create ice crystals, thanks to the sublimation process (solids turn into vapors), ice is separated from crystals. The remain granular is instant coffee.
Drying temperature 40-180° C -50° C
Drying time Drying time is faster than freeze drying. Freeze drying takes a long time to dry, so it takes longer than spray drying
Quality Spray drying usually dry better but It will lose some of the natural flavor and color of the product due to high temperature.
An Thái Vietnam instant coffee has implemented advanced aroma recovery technology to save the aroma, ensuring the best quality for the product.
Saving beautiful color, good drying ability, saving the most optimal nutrition of natural coffee beans than spray drying.
Products in the high-end segment.
Electric used Relatively Equal Relatively Equal
Product identification Fine powder, characteristic dark or light brown Granular, characteristic light or dark brown
Pricing More accessible prices => Bringing more economic efficiency to production High quality, superior products, higher operating costs => Higher price than spray drying
Market share The most popular Less popular
Table 1: Comparison of differences between spray-dried and freeze-dried instant coffee
Looking at the table above, it is easy to see the difference between 2 types. However, what is the biggest difference between them? That are:
  • Applications of 2 types are the same. In contrast, freeze-dried instant coffee is packed into finished products and is distributed in consumption, is packaged in stick, jar, etc. And spray-dried instant coffee is not seen or very rarely seen, only distributed as raw materials.
  • Freeze-dried instant coffee is easy to get close to the original flavor (good aroma recovery), Spray-drying at high temperature will make the quality of coffee to be little changed or lose flavor more, the flavor is imperfective.
  •  Spray-dried instant coffee is more economical to produce thanks to its available price, which is more popular than Freeze-dried instant coffee.
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Since history of instant coffee was born in 1771, spray-dried instant coffee at that time resonated in the golden age of development, after 1960 developed a more optimal new freeze-dried technology that was used until now. nowadays. An Thai Group is one of the leading coffee producers in Vietnam, a typical business that has made a strong development in the deep coffee processing, especially bringing instant coffee to more than 40 countries. in the world such as: the USA, Japan, Russia, China, Korea, Malaysia, India, ... with the brand name An Thai Vietnam. Impressive numbers over 25 years achieved:
  • An Thai Group is one of the first three enterprises produce instant coffee in Vietnam.
  • Continuously, in the top 3 reputable brands providing solutions to innovate coffee for businesses.
  • Being the first manufacturer to pioneer in building a brand of export coffee in Vietnam.
With the above information, you can distinguish the difference between spray-dried and freeze-dried instant coffee, find a cost solution to apply in suitable production and business, especially choosing a reputable, safe, quality An Thai Vietnam manufacturer-brand for cooperation and success!

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