Together An Thai Viet Nam discovers the manufacturing process of instant coffee

Day post: 08-05-2021
The coffee knowledge is really immense that we need to explore endlessly. An operation process also so, let's learn the manufacturing process of instant coffee in the factory of An Thai Group: What are the processing steps? What standards need to be met at each stages?. What are important numbers? What are the things to note?... to complete a successful process.

Manufacturing process according to international standards at An Thai Group

Manufacturing process according to international standards at An Thai Group

Although it is only a preparation stage, the task of selecting input materials is extremely important for the output materials to meet standards: Coffee is selected from high quality green beans (raw coffee beans) to be taken away. Dust separation, cleaning... impurities.

Stage 1: Roasting and Grinding process - The first step is to shape the characteristics of the product.

Going through the previous preliminary processing steps, green coffee beans is put into the roasting machine to perform the first step of the Instant Coffee Production Process. The roaster has advanced technology that will help keep the natural flavor of the best coffee beans Roasting time, according to international standards is from 18-25 minutes/roast batch, the coffee beans are cooked evenly from the inside out, no bottles, the seeds are enlarged evenly, and the edges are not burnt. The seeds, whether large or small, are still uniform in maturity and color.
  • Currently, An Thai Vietnam is applying a strict European technology roasting process, ensuring the finished product is standard in taste, physicochemical properties, and especially minimizing the ash content in the finished product!
Standard roasted coffee beans are ground into powder and prepared in the second stage: extraction

Stage 2: Extraction

To produce instant coffee, ground coffee needs to extract soluble and volatile components. Dissolved substances can be separated in three ways: by filter (percolation batteries), by "counter-current system" and mixed-method (slurry extraction). All of these solutions use water as the solvent.
The extraction process is to collect the soluble substances in the roasted coffee powder into the water. Carry out extraction several times and limit the amount of fine powder dissolved deeply into the water when extracting. The concentration of the extracted coffee solution can reach 20-22%.
At the end of this stage to make the finished product more ideal, An Thai Vietnam further improved and added the stage of Centrifugation to clean and separate impurities in production, improving product quality in the production of instant coffee starch. At the same time, it separates glutamic acid, harmful substances, and microorganisms in coffee beans.

Stage 3: Aroma recovery

The natural aroma of coffee beans will be losing a lot during the processing of instant coffee (the temperature of aroma evaporation is about 110 -130°C). Therefore, people recover the aroma of coffee extraction and then add it back to instant coffee...

Stage 4: Concentration

After extraction, liquid of coffee about 20-22%, it can't be spray dried immediately, therefore, it is necessary to concentrate the liquid coffee extract to 30-33% to facilitate spray drying process. The most commonly used method is vacuum concentration: The coffee solution is pumped into a heating device. Here, the coffee water absorbs heat and evaporates quickly. The vacuum created by the barometer will absorb the steam and condense it at the condenser. The process continues until the required solution concentration is reached, then stops

Stage 5: Drying and recovery

Drying's purpose is to bring the concentrated coffee extract into a dry form to facilitate the process of storage and use. There are two main methods for drying: Freeze drying and spray drying.
  • Freeze-drying
This is an advanced method, retaining all the highest standards of quality and quality of natural flavor and taste factors of extracted instant coffee such as color, flavor, quality stability. Quantity and solubility. In this method, the water in the coffee evaporates, leaving a solution with a high concentration of coffee. The solution is then frozen to -50 °C, forming ice crystals. Thanks to the process of sublimation (the solid turns into a vapor), the rock is separated from the crystal. The remaining dry beans are freeze-dried instant coffee.
  • Spray drying
In the spray drying method, the concentrated coffee solution is pushed into the top of the cyclone spray tower. There is a disc perforated with many small holes, with a very high rotation speed, causing the coffee to enter the cyclone spray tower in the form of fog. Dry hot air is blown into the cyclone spray tower to dry the coffee mist into powder form. Instant coffee powder is collected at the bottom of the cyclone tower. After drying, we obtain powder spray-dried instant coffee with a moisture content below 5%.
An Thai Viet Nam currently offers both spray-dried and freeze-dried instant coffees based on these two methods.
  • Aroma Recovery
After the drying process, the finished product will be recovered, because the aroma coffee will be lost partially when going through a distillation process. During the processing, especially through spray drying at high temperature, natural aroma of coffee will be lost a lot. Therefore, aroma recovery technology is an important step. The chemical sectors of aroma, coffee powder must be recovered before extraction and then added back to the finished instant coffee product. The repatriation technology includes two forms: absorption and adsorption.

Stage 6: Storage

When going through all the above stages, we get the finished instant coffee in powder (spray-dried) and granular (freeze-dried) form, which is qualified in terms of size, moisture, color, and taste. Instant coffee is packaged, dated, recorded, and stored in a separate storage area. The warehouse of An Thai factory meets the preservation standards of proper ventilation, light, temperature, and humidity.
The factory's storage warehouse area needs to meet standards for light, temperature, and humidity
The factory's storage warehouse area needs to meet standards for light, temperature, and humidity...
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