What is Instant Coffee? Instant coffee knowledge

Day post: 07-05-2021
Instant coffee has been developing more and more in Asia, which means consumer demand for this product has great potential. With the outstanding advantages of convenience, multidisciplinary application, ease of use, and reasonable price, instant coffee is chosen quickly, especially in the trend of modern consumption.
spray dried and freeze dried instant coffee An Thai Vietnam

Instant Coffee Concept

Instant coffee in English is called Soluble Coffee or Instant Coffee (usually using instant coffee). It is a type of coffee that can be easily dissolved in water in a short and fast time. The reason that coffee dissolves quickly in water is due to the processing, manufacturers only extract and save the soluble substances in the coffee beans. Insoluble components and impurities are removed. The modern production process produces quality and pure standard instant coffee products from the coffee beans, saving the delicate natural flavor.
  •  “ Many people still confuse with some types of instant coffee consumption are available on the market such as instant coffee 2in1, 3in1, 4in1, …etc”
Raw instant coffee is a product with 100% instant coffee (only coffee), It is the finished product after processing instant coffee in the factory. In business, raw instant coffee producers/suppliers sometimes use jargon such as pure instant coffee, coffee powder, or black instant coffee powder,..to differentiate clearly and avoid confusion with the instant coffee mix for consumption. Whatever name it is used for, it is still known as instant coffee.
  • "Is instant coffee pure?"

Do many people still question instant coffee blended with other (the same color) powders? As a producer, we confirm our instant coffee to be made from 100% coffee beans without blending. Because the special physical and chemical properties of the coffee during roasting and extraction cannot be mixed.
Blending is commonly found in:
- Types of instant coffee 2in1, 3in1, 4in1 ... (with added sugar or milk or powder and other additives)
- Cheap Chicory instant coffees are popular in India (mixed with Chicory powder in certain proportions)
  • “Did you feel secure?"
Equipping your knowledge is a measure that manufacturers always recommend such as: Choosing manufacturers - reputable brands (they always publish transparent standards, work) support), price and price comparison ... especially for your own needs!
If one day you come to us - An Thai Vietnam, you have entered the door of success! At An Thai Vietnam you are not only completely assured with the products we provide, but also experience customer supportive coffee solutions from the R&D experts in the food industry.

Classification of instant coffee

The manufacturing process is the same, it is different in the "Drying Stage" so that the quality of products will be different from color, aroma, taste, aftertaste, viscosity,  solubility, foaming. Currently, the Drying Stage uses two main methods: spray drying and freeze drying. Since then, instant coffee is divided into two main lines: spray-dried instant coffee and Freeze-dried instant coffee. Besides, there is also agglomerated instant coffee but not popular.

1. Spray Dried Instant Coffee Powder

Spray Dried Instant Coffee powder uses a spray-drying method - a method of quickly drying coffee powder at high temperatures, creating a fine powder with the advantage of being easily soluble even in cold water. In this method, coffee concentrated is pushed into the top of the cyclon spray tower, dry hot air is blown into the dry tower, the hot air circulation separates the water, and make dried coffee into a dry fine powder.
spray dried instant coffee
Powder Spray-dried instant coffee
Main Characteristic: fine powder, dark or light brown, loose powder, not lump packed in a jar/bag/bag/box, not packed with small pieces.
Advantages and disadvantages of Spray-dried Instant Coffee:
  • Advantages: Competitive Price.
  • Disadvantages:  high heat drying, it is easy to lose the aroma of the coffee than freeze-dried.
Spray Dried Instant Coffee products of An Thai Vietnam were produced by modern improvement process to keep the aroma and taste of coffee. Therefore, products are being known and welcomed popular by the market such as SR, SC, SM, HR04, HC2, H1.1… (details here) High light characteristic is strong bitterness, lasting, mild acidity, roasted coffee flavor, natural roasted coffee aroma, herbs, chocolatey taste.  Products are diverse, different in composition, color, flavor, taste, caffeine contains, humidity, density, and much more. Always to suit every customer’s needs and perferred.

2. Freeze-Dried Instant Coffee Granules

Freeze-dried instant coffee granules is used as an innovative cold-drying method, which retains all of the highest indicators of coffee quality and elevation. In this method, the coffee solution will be rapidly cooled down to -40°C to create ice crystals, by sublimation (the solid turns into a vapor), the ice is separated from the remaining crystals, dry beans are instant coffee in the form of beans.
freeze-dried instant coffee
Granulated freeze-dried instant coffee
The main distinguishing features are granulated, light brown or dark characteristic, particle shape heterogeneous but the small size and regular sizes. Usually packed in jars, packs, bags or cartons.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Freeze-Dried Instant Coffee:
  • Advantages: Storing fully the criteria of color, flavor, taste, quality stability, and solubility.
  • Disadvantages: The production process specific standards, operating costs expensive leading to price relatively high compared with spray drying => processed or used as a kind of instant coffee premium segment, market the lower part, produced less commonly by spray drying.
An Thai Viet Nam brand is currently providing a line of cold-dried instant coffee with outstanding codes such as FD101, FD102, FD103, FD104, FD108. Each product is different in terms of ingredients, color, flavor, taste, caffeine contents, moisture, and density. Most impressive is slightly bitter, sour, fruity, flavors of chocolate, fruity taste. (details here)
Agglomerated instant coffee but not popular.

3. Nuggets instant coffee - less popular

All our Coffee products of An Thai Vietnam with valid certificates and certify by FDA, ISO, HACCP, HALAL, BRC, FREE SALES, SNI, KOSHER certified. All our products, quality, and services have been well recognized and trusted by many consumers, users, partners, producers for more than 40 countries. Products packed in 10kg per Bag or 20-25 kg per Carton which packed in 2-layers PE for easier storage and transport to all regions and internationally.

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