Would you still dare to drink instant coffee after knowing these things?

Day post: 14-05-2021
Is instant coffee good? Instant coffee is one of the products with a large amount of consumption in the market, meets the following criteria: a delicious product, reasonable price, suitable for the fast and convenient consumption needs of an active lifestyle.
Because instant coffee is not only good for users' health

Should you drink instant coffee?

Do you know that every day, billions of cups of coffee are consumed (according to Kantar World panel magazine), of which nearly 40% is instant coffee?
Undeniably, coffee brings many emotions, taking people who love it to their own space, with a mellow aroma, an attractive and irresistible taste. For the human body, there have been many studies on the effects of instant coffee (quoted from Authority Nutrition) such as:
  • Instant coffee is rich in antioxidants and nutrients
  • The caffeine content in instant coffee is less than in roasted coffee beans, ground coffee, drip coffee
  • Reduce the risk of some diseases: Alzheimer, Parkinson, Type 2 diabetes
  • Help mental focus, improve depression, prolong the life

Types of Instant Coffee

Mentioning the concept of instant coffee, consumers often think of 3in1 instant coffee? But it is not that way. Instant coffee is the type of coffee with 100% pure coffee ingredients, not mixed with other ingredients and food additives. All ingredients are safe for health, comply with production and processing regulations.
The main types of instant coffee on the market need to be distinguished
The main types of instant coffee on the market need to be distinguished
  • Consumer Coffee:  types of coffee made from instant coffee, mixed with other ingredients such as sugar, non-dairy creamer, flavors, etc. with the common name of 2in1, 3in1, 4in1 instant premixes.
  • Raw Coffee (usually called under name instant coffee):  Used as a raw material for the production of other consumer products. There are the following common types:
+ Spray-Dried Instant Coffee:  Using the European standard spray drying technology. The product is in the form of a fine powder, retains the natural flavor and quality of the original coffee.
+ Freeze-Dried Instant Coffee:  Using modern and advanced freeze-drying technology. The product is in the granules form, preserving the full natural flavor and quality of coffee beans, which is better than spray-dried instant coffee.

Wide range of applications: the ultimate choice for manufacturers

An Thái Vietnam has now distributed our products to the global market with more than 40 countries. An Thái Vietnam's strength is in the production of high-tech instant coffee (See details here). Using the purpose of instant coffee:
  • Raw material for the production of consumer instant coffee: such as 2in1, 3in1, 4in1 instant coffee premixes.
  • Material for other food & beverage industries:  coffee candies, coffee-flavored cakes, soft drinks with coffee, canned/bottled coffee, etc.
  • The raw materials used for cosmetic production: exfoliating cream, facial cleanser, lotions, etc.
  • The raw materials used in the pharmaceutical industries.
  • Can be used directly to replace/substitute other types of beverages.
Coffee ingredient used in the above manufacturing industries is safe for users' health, whether used directly or apply on the skin. Of course, you always need to read the instructions for use and contraindications information before using it for the best result.

Note the unwanted effects of Instant Coffee

Besides the above positive effects, instant coffee also causes some harmful effects to health such as:
  • Instant coffee causes insomnia and restlessness -> Limit drinking when you’re hungry, tired, should not be drinking too much in a day.
  • Causing stomach disease -> Limit drinking when the stomach is empty.
  • Cardiovascular disease risk -> Limit drinking too much in a day.
  • Causing malformation to the fetus -> Should be avoided during pregnancy.
  • Allergy to coffee -> If you have symptoms of allergy, you should stop using it and seek medical attention.
Instant coffee for consumers' health
Instant coffee for consumers' health: right using, right dose
In conclusion, An Thai Vietnam instant coffee is safe for users' health, ensuring food safety, 100% pure coffee without any additives, meeting the high standards of international. What you need to keep in mind is drinking or using it in the right way, in the right dose, this will bring very good results for your health.

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