Over the past 25 years, An ThaiCafé - Hiup Coffee brand products, An Thai Vietnam instant coffee, have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions.

An Thai Group Specialized branding for instant coffee

Day post: 14-04-2021 6891
The mission of building a specialized brand for Vietnam's first export instant coffee is tied to corporate reputation (commitment: Product quality, product policy, product support, solutions product...


Day post: 28-11-2019 8818
With the theme "Brazilian Coffee - Sustainable Quality", the Coffee Dinner & Summit 2019 forum recognizes and celebrates development efforts for the global coffee agriculture. An Thai Coffee is...

FIC Fair 2019: An Thai Coffee

Day post: 25-11-2019 8074
Immediately after the success at Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival 2019, An Thai Coffee continues to take off at the FIC 2019 in Shanghai.

AnTháiCafé: Aiming to produce coffee in a closed process

Day post: 18-11-2019 10722
Our company is always proud of the contribution to honor the Vietnamese coffee brand in general and Boon Ma Thought Coffee in particular in the domestic and foreign markets.

An Thai Group received the ASEAN Prestige Brand Gold Cup 2015

Day post: 18-11-2019 8304
On 9/10/2015, the Forum "Connecting Vietnam - Thailand enterprises, towards the ASEAN economic community" was held in Bangkok, Thailand, with the participation of more than 200 Vietnamese, Thailand...

Improving quality for Buon Ma Thuot Coffee

Day post: 11-11-2019 7485
Desiring to reach the world coffee requires standards on raw materials, arvesting, preservation… Many scientists, businesses and related people always concern to improve the quality of Buon Ma...

The 8th West China Import and Export Exhibition (Xi'an) in 2019

Day post: 12-10-2019 8403
The appearance of Vietnamese goods at the 8th West China Import and Export Exhibition (Xi'an) in 2019 that will be a new bridge for the advertisement strategy, penetration and development the Chinese...

An Thai Group strengthens trading activities with Thailand

Day post: 28-09-2019 6798
Thailand- Vietnam International Trade Promotion Conference expands, An Thai Group accompanies the program "Support Vietnamese goods to the world".

An Thai Group contribute 2 Gold cup products to the title of quality for the public health.

Day post: 17-03-2017 7857
At the specialized coffee exhibition 2017which is held in the framework of the 6th Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival 2017, the Organizing Committee reviewed and awarded “The Gold Cup of quality coffee...

AnTháiCafé: a violently breakthrough of Buon Ma Thuot coffee at China - Asean 2016 exhibition

Day post: 14-09-2016 10095
As one of the leading coffee producers in Vietnam, An Thai Group is honored to be the businesses representing Vietnamese coffee attending the 13th China-Asean Fair in Nanning, to introduce the...

AnTháiCafé honored to be presented “ASEAN Gold Cup 2014”

Day post: 19-05-2016 6270
On 20/12/2014, Sai Gon An Thai JSC honored to be presented “ASEAN Gold Cup 2014” and awards “Excellence ASEAN Entrepreneur, Business”

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