Human Resource Policies

Day post: 11-04-2016
"People are the multiple purpose key to success"
With that philosophy, An Thai Group always appreciate human values, human resources are considered core elements, and is an invaluable asset to decide the success of the business. Development of human resources is one of the main objectives associated with satisfaction about the work as well as interests of employees.

An Thai Group is proud of not only the roomy and spacious offices but An Thai Group also has built a professional and friendly work environment, a common, safe, and happy roof which make the staves confident to work, prove their capabilities and develop career.

In development-oriented personnel, An Thai Group focused on building policies to attract talent, the scientific working regulations, the agile and perfect working behaviour, of course, the fascinatingtreatment policies as well as reward are always accompanied with staves’ capacities.

Attractive talent policies:
An Thai Group has a salary policy, especially competitive prizes for the best staffs who have extensive experience in the concerned fields. That is one way to retain long-term personnel, on the other hand to find out talents and attract qualified manpowerfrom various areas working for the company.
The working regulations:
An Thai Group works 8 hours per day, 6 days per week, and have 1 hour for lunch break (days off  such as on Holidays, sick, maternity, and etc. are followthe Government’s regulations). Upon requesting on the progress of the production or trading, An Thai Group may require employees to work overtime and perform adequate remuneration for employees besides ensuring the rights of workers basing on the Government’s rules.

Management policies and human development:
  • Labor Management bases on the provisions of law and rules, as well asregulations and policies in company.
  • Establishing the friendly relationships among staves bases on developed organizations in order to appropriate to the company culture.
  • Managing Human Resource from the focal point, decentralizing administration strictly and having responsibilities for them.
  • Having job descriptions, defined responsibilities and powers to each title.
  • Having promotion, reward and treatment base on behavior and capacity of each staff.
Training policies:
  • As the most important tasks in building and developing human resource.
  • Applying various training programs: integration, operations, improve skills, new technologies and etc, in internal or external company.
  • Focusing on training the job: training on the subordinate level, senior professionals/ skilled workers will train and guide juniors.
  • Transferring of human resources for training through practical work.
Wage policy, bonus and benefits:
  •  An Thai Group sets up salary policies, bonuses suiting each job title, skills and professional qualifications of the staff to acknowledge properly the capacity and results of individual, besides that encourage staff promote the capacity and responsibility to improve the productivity, quality and efficient work.
The type of reward:
  • Award for extraordinary achievement: Rewarding individuals with outstanding achievements in the work, to bring big economic benefits or contribute to improving the work efficiency of the parts, enhance reputation as well as company image; Rewarding individual / collective actively participate in cultural and sports activities, building company culture;
  • Reward achievement at the end of the project / campaign: Reward the individual / collective have  active participation to fulfill the assigned tasks, contributing to the overall success of each project / campaign ;
  • Reward initiative: Rewarding individuals have initiative which contribute beneficial to  the company, with new proposals in innovations to improving business performance, the department and raising the image and company’s prestige;
  • Reward staffs who practise  "Good person with good deeds": Reward individuals prevent disasters or handle emergency situations; have courageous to rescue other  in hazardous conditions,  returning  lost property to its owner, etc.
  • Reward  periodical achivement: Reward talented individuals in month;  excellent collective (for the  Service Parts); Reward individual achievement last year; Rewarding emulation in the day of established anniversary of the company.
Commendation forms:
  • Certificate of Merit; cash awards; Award travel within or outside the country; promotion, salary increase before maturity, etc.

Insurance and benefits:
  • An Thai Group will have responsibilities for the payment of Social Insurance, Health Insurance, Unemployment Insurance seriously, as prescribed by law. In addition, all employees and staffs are paid personal accident insurance 24 / 24 hours.

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