Human Resources Policies

Day post: 11-04-2016
Recruitment objectives of An Thai Group is to attract qualified workers so as to meet the needs of expanding production and business activities.

Each position has its own mandatory standards, however, must meet the basic requirements such as professional qualifications, good sense of career development and discipline.

Management staff not only graduated from foreign trade university but are also enthusiastic, willing to learn, actively at work, loving working, having innovative ideas, capable of organizing, managing and team leadership.
For key positions, the recruitment requirements are fairly strict with compulsory standards on work experience, critical thinking, judgment, agility, flexibility, decisiveness, ability to analyze possible as well as the requirement of proficiency in foreign languages and informatics.

An Thai Group pays attention to the development of human resources through training policy for professional skills, internal and external training such as skills training, safety training, occupational health, fire safety, English communication, customer service, clerical operations, policy insurance, taxes, real estate management, short-term courses ...  In particular, the advanced training for employees are held constantly and regularly.

The management skills training program for the leader level or above and team building activities, coordination skills, team work are also frequently organised.

• Based on the development orientation of the Company
• Full potential development and career orientation.
• Suit each individual
• Fair - Transparent – Close-knit - Efficient
• Rights go hand in hand with responsibilities

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