Work Environments

Day post: 11-04-2016

AnThaiGroup not only takes pride in our professional, proactive but also friendly and warm working environment. Company is like the second home of the staff, therefore, AnThai family is always full of faith and hope.
All the members have always been receiving care from each others, sharing and devoting in order to develop self-value and make An Thai Group become bigger and stronger.
Benefits while working with us:

Working in a professional, proactive and unite environment
At An Thai Group, you will find the enthusiasm of youth and the spirit of hard working because of  our dynamic working environment.
With the combination of intellectual resources, we will together open up opportunities to reach the development goals of the business in the future.

Unleashing creativity
An Thai Group gives you more opportunities to be creative and make suggestions. We appreciate new ideas and contribution of  individual. Let An Thai inspire your creativity.

Benefits commensurate with ability
Staff are always regarded as a key factor determining the success or failure of the company.
We always concern about developing and strengthening the staff, taking care of material and spiritual life for employees. They are entitled to full regimes and policies as prescribed by the Labour Code, creating favorable conditions for employees to work and get promotion.
Additionally, salary and bonus are very competitive, commensurating with devotion, dedication, needs and the goal of working that we set for individual.
Join the professional training
We hope that our employees develop and learn many things while working at An Thai Group. Therefore, besides the direct training related to their working roles, we also give them professional training and development programs in orther to meet the needs of developing skills of individual and company. Moreover, we appreciate and have reward for those  who achieve expertise certificates from An Thai Group’s parners.
An Thai Group has always wanted to create a dynamic working environment, joyful and friendly so that we can bring the highest satisfaction for each member.  Therefore, each year, we have always held many events, fun activities, tourism ... to help employess relieve their stress after hard working period.


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