"Our products have been researching and developing associated with the trends of coffee industry."
An Thai coffee products have been widely existed in the market, and have been voted as innovative products that contributes a lot of benefits to the society.

Spray dried Instant Coffee

Spray Dried Instant Coffee of An Thai Vietnam satisfy with consumer demand for its taste and quality. The product is made from 100% coffee bean without the flavor or preservative, but still keep the typical aroma of natural coffee.

Freeze dried Instant Coffee

  • With the goal of retaining all the desired characteristics (e.g. colour, appearance, shape, texture and taste) in the final product. An Thai Vietnam Freeze dried Instant Coffee is operated by European standard production processes...
  • We offer freeze instant coffee from high quality coffee beans, Vietnam origin. The fact that keeps our prices always competitive is that AnThai Vietnam can source directly our coffee materials from local coffee farms.
  • Freeze-dried instant coffee is currently a new trend of coffee world. Basically, freeze-dried coffee has a higher aroma retain as compared to spray-dried coffee and agglomerated coffee. Thus, its coffee aroma is very premium and is positioned as high quality instant coffee. Freeze-dried coffee of AnThai Vietnam is dried and taken back aroma at as-low-as-frozen temperature which helps to maintain coffee aroma as fresh as freshly roasted coffee beans.

Instant Coffee Mix 3.1

Instant coffee mix 3 in 1 of An Thai Group is the combination between the human souls of coffee lovers and processing secrets of the mysterious Highland region. That is also the essence of the coffee bean and used in the product lines with the most advanced technology nowaday but still keep the natural and charming flavor.

Roasted Coffee Bean

Selected carefully from the cherry coffee fruits in Buon Ma Thuot homeland in Viet Nam, 100% pure coffee is created from the combination between modern roasted technology and traditional roasted secrets to keep the flavor of nature.

Frozen Extract Coffee

The product is produced from the process of modern extraction technology from Europe. Carefully selected from the finest parts of coffee beans, but still keep the charming taste and natural flavor of coffee.
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